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Browsing PrometheusWiki: How to navigate the site

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Protocols that receive sufficient votes and a high star rating will be considered for Gold Leaf Status by the PrometheusWiki Editorial Board.

This tutorial explains how you can browse the wiki; following links and using the search feature and other navigation options to find what you are looking for.

Where do I start?

The Home Page is the ideal starting point. Down the right hand side is a list of the major topic areas within PrometheusWiki, any of which you can click on to explore the associated topic area.


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How is PrometheusWiki organized?

Upper level area summaries
Each topic area includes an overview of the field, written by the Editor responsible for that area,
>Lower level topic summaries
Within each topic area, related research areas are introduced with a more specific review and the range of experimental methods available written by respected authorities in the given field,
>>Detailed protocols
Experimental protocols can be posted by members, including materials, step by step methods and images
>>>Comments and notes
Members are invited to comment on and discuss posted protocols.

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Blue, wikilinked words can be clicked upon to be directed to another page within the wiki.

For example, once you are on the main summary page for the topic area Morphology, you will see introductory text, which provides an overview of what that section contains. Scroll down to the base of the page and you will find a grey box listing the 'Lower level sections' within that topic area. The blue links within this box will take you to pages of the same name, such as Developmental Morphology?, Fracture Toughness and Seed size. Don't be afraid to click on available links to navigate between pages and discover what lies beyond!

Remember: You can always click the back button in your web browser to return to where you were.

Links to external website, are indicated by box with an arrow coming out of it, like after link)

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The menu bar

On the left hand side of the wiki page is the ever-present menu bar (see above image). This enables you to return to various pages or features at any time e.g. to the PrometheusWiki Homepage via the Home link.

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Using the search feature

Within the menu bar is a Search box. If you are looking for a specific term, author, or protocol, type this word or phrase here before selecting the 'GO' button to generate a search throughout the entire site.

Search results will be delivered according to (Relevance: X). For example a search for 'chlorophyll' delivers:


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Give it a go!

Go ahead - have a play with navigating throughout the PrometheusWiki now! Return to homepage(external link)

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