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This tutorial provides an important introduction to editing wiki pages using wiki syntax. It is a useful reference for both new and experienced users!

Getting started editing

As a registered user, you can, and should, edit, correct any mistakes, update and add to any protocols or discussions you see on PrometheusWiki. Don't be afraid! No changes are lost, and any mistakes can be undone!

To start editing an existing protocol:

Select the 'edit' icon from the top right hand side of the protocol or section you wish to edit.

Alternately, click the button labelled 'EDIT' at the foot of the protocol in question.

This will open an new window - the same page in editing mode. Below the ordinary text is a special box in which you can see the protocol text, in wiki format (ie the formatting has been replaced by symbols amongst the wording). In this editing mode you can add, remove or alter existing text and attachments using TikiWiki syntax, or the editing tool bar.

Note: you must be registered to edit any PrometheusWiki page.

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Editing mode

Below is an image of a page in 'Editing mode'.


There are two options you can use to edit a page - the 'quicktags'/icons in the editing tool bar, and typing in Wiki-Syntax code directly.

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Using the editing toolbar

Using the 'quicktags' is the easiest editing option, recommended for beginners. Simply highlight the text you wish to format, and select the appropriate quicktag to format the highlighted text as you desire. Other options, such as creating a table and inserting hyperlinks, are also available using quicktags.

Within editing mode, there is a blue 'Help button' insert image (note: tiki5 only) towards the right end of the editing tool bar. Clicking on this will bring up a list explaining what each of the quicktags in the editing toolbar do, and also allows you to conduct a search on more advanced editing options.

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Using Wiki-syntax

PrometheusWiki uses the software TikiWiki which is based on the markup language Wiki-Syntax – see link). This is essentially the 'language' used to edit TikiWiki pages. In addition to, or instead of using the quicktags available in the editing toolbar, you can choose to format wiki pages by typing in Wiki-Syntax code directly during editing mode. It's quite easy to learn!

Note: The Wiki-Syntax associated with the TikiWiki software used on PrometheusWiki is slightly different to that used on Wikipedia and some other wikis.

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Editing Cheatsheet

For users who want to become more competent with using Wiki-Syntax, download the Editing Cheatsheet here to get started using basic Wiki-Syntax to format pages and protocols. Image

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Advanced editing tips and coding

To learn more about how to edit a wiki page using Wiki-Syntax, the following external pages contain a lot of useful tips - TikiWiki for Smarties(external link) or link).

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Every page needs a place to be, so in the 'CATEGORIES' tab, please select the appropriate section for your protocol or page. Please only select ONE category, and avoid changing the category of a page which is already categorized (this disrupts the whole system!).

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When you've finished editing

In editing mode there are a number of buttons to choose from to view your newly edited page:

‘Preview’ allows you to refresh the edit mode to include both the editing feature with the raw code, and a view of the page as it will appear on the wiki itself. However, this does not ensure your changes have been saved.

By pressing ‘Save minor edit’, you leave the editing mode and any edits you have made appear in a refreshed screen image of the protocol.

Until you have completely finished editing and formatting your protocol, it is best to choose to ‘Preview’ or ‘Save minor changes’ rather than the 'Save' button, because pressing ‘Save’ automatically sends your protocol or a record of your changes to the responsible editor for assessment. Once you are completely prepared to submit your changes, then press 'Save'.


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Give it a go!

Click here(external link) to experiment with PrometheusWiki's editing feature.

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