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Help Tutorial

This Help Tutorial has been designed as an introduction for new users of PrometheusWiki; explaining step-by-step how to register, edit pages and contribute protocols among other things.

Also use these tutorials to refresh your memory if you are having difficulties using the wiki, or haven't visited in a while. The Editing Help is particularly useful, given that Wiki syntax is a little unusual and confusing to use at first.

For a complete overview of PrometheusWiki, begin with: 1 - Getting started: How to register and login and work your way through all the tutorials to become very familiar and comfortable with all aspects of the site. Alternatively, pick and choose which tutorials you would like to visit, in whatever order you like!

1. Getting started: How to register and login


2. My Account: Creating a personal profile and setting user preferences


3. Browsing PrometheusWiki: How to navigate the site


4. How to submit a protocol


5. Editing Help


6. Help with creating citations


7. Help uploading and inserting files: images, videos, office documents...


8. An introduction to joining Comments and Forums


9. How to keep track of changes and updates


10. Policies and guidelines



Additional Help information

Wikipedia's Tutorial on how to use a wiki(external link) Note: some of the features and editing code used in Wikipedia differs from that used on PrometheusWiki however this tutorial is a useful introduction for first time Wiki users.

For further information on specific questions, see our FAQs(external link)

For further information on PrometheusWiki in general, see About PrometheusWiki