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Help with creating citations

This tutorial outlines PrometheusWikis preferred citation system, and a simple tool available to ensure you correctly acknowledge your and other peoples' contributions to this resource.

Citing PrometheusWiki pages

Any material from PrometheusWiki which you use elsewhere must be correctly referenced.

Automatic citation generation system

To obtain the details necessary to cite a summary or protocol click on the link 'Cite this page' towards the top left hand corner of the given page. This link brings up all the necessary bibliographic details for the given page including; page name, initiating author, date of last revision etc. Additionally, these details are automatically formatted into various common citation styles such as APA and MLA styles for you to copy and use directly.

See the following example for the page Morphology:


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Referring to the primary literature directly

Alternatively, where a reference has been provided (within a summary or protocol) to a paper using the described protocol, you may choose to refer to the published paper directly and note that you followed the associated protocol, as outlined on PrometheusWiki.

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