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How to keep track of changes and updates

This tutorial outlines some easy ways to keep up to date with changes and developments on PrometheusWiki in general, or to certain parts of the site you are most interested in.

User Watches Feature

If you want to be notified (by e-mail) when something is edited or when new articles or forum topics are added, you can create a 'watch'.

A watch for new articles can be turned on and off in a user's My Account's User Watches(external link) page. Image

The user can click the click the little eye Image that appears toward the top of many pages.

  • A Watch for a web page sends you the new page when it is edited, and any new comment when they are added to the page, and replies to those comments.
  • A Watch for a Forum tells you about new Topics. It does not notify you of replies.
  • A Watch on a Forum Topic sends you any future replies posted to that Topic. It does not notify you of new Topics or replies to the new Topics.

To turn off a watch, a user can either:

  • click on the open eye, which then closes, or
  • go to My Account's User Watches(external link) page and delete any or all of your watches.

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Last Changes

Visit the ((|Last changes)) page to see the most recent additions and alterations to PrometheusWiki.


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Page History

Towards the base of every page is a button labeled "HISTORY" which allows you to view all prior versions of the page, details of who edited what, and gives you the option to revert a page to a prior version (e.g. if vandalism has occurred).



Here is an example of what you will see:


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The Stats(external link) page offers a list of visitation and usage statistics relating to the Site itself, Wiki pages, File Galleries, Forums, Polls, FAQs, Users, Most viewed objects and Most viewed objects in the last 7 days.



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NEW Top 10 pages Feature

Further information awaiting final upgrade to Tiki5

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