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Centre for Advanced Microscopy- The Australian National University link)
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OpenWetWare - OpenWetWare is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering link)
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Plants In Action- Free online plant physiology textbook. Plants in Action explores the principles underlying plant biology in natural and managed communities throughout Australasia. Published by the Australian Society of Plant Scientists, New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists, and New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science. link)
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Plant Science UK - UK PlantSci is the online home of the UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF). The UKPSF is a special interest group of the Society of Biology, which aims to bring together the breadth of the UK Plant Science sector to

  • Create an independent and inclusive forum for debate
  • Increase the understanding and significance of the plant sciences
  • Formulate a coordinated strategy
  • Improve the general funding environment
  • Support efforts to inspire and train the next generation 

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SpecNet- "Spectral Network". SpecNet is a group of scientists dedicated to using spectral data to enhance remote sensing capabilities. link)
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Wikigenes -  A wiki for the life sciences, which emphasises individual authorship. link)
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Root Image Analysis -The Root Image Analysis website is a small platform presenting all the root image analysis tools available for research, as well as some tips and trick to help researchers getting useful data out of their images. link)
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