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Registration FAQs Help

Common questions asked about registration.



Question: How do I register?
  • Click the Register button on the top right of this page or simply go to this link(external link) to register.

ClickTheRegisterButton.gif (22.70 Kb)

  • Select a username preferably your real name (e.g. John.Smith) making sure to not have any spaces within the selected name.


  • Select a password that is secure and one that you will remember. If you forget your password at anytime, you can click I forgot my password located at the top right of this wiki or simply follow this link.


  • To prevent non-humans (SPAM Bots) from registering, please enter the number you see in the Anti-Bot verification image.


  • Once you have done that click Register.

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  • After registering, you will receive an email asking you to validate your account. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.

You are now registered with PrometheusWiki.

Question: Do I have to use my real name?
Answer  Yes. This ensures you receive the appropriate credit for your contributions. It also enhances the legitimacy of your contributions and the site in general if users are can be recognized and acknowledged. It is also in your best interest to promote your work and your ideas!
Question: Can I create a personal profile?
Answer  Yes
Question: Can I change my username?
Answer  No - once you have created your account, you cannot change your username, so choose carefully!
Question: Can I change my password?
Answer  Yes, In the left hand menu bar, click on 'My account' and then 'Preferences' and towards the bottom of the page there is a section called 'Account information', which allows you to create a new password.
Question: How is access to PrometheusWiki granted?

Provided you complete the necessary fields (username, password and email address) when you first register, anyone is able to register and be provided with access.

The Publisher and the Editors reserve the right to revoke access if a user is found to have been vandalizing other peoples’ pages or using PrometheusWiki inappropriately.

Question: Can I restrict who can view or edit my protocols?
Answer  No, registered users cannot, however Editors and Site Administrators can.
Question: How can I see how many page hits my protocol has had?
Answer  When you search for your protocol, an icon called 'Hits' next to the protocol title lists how many visits the page has had. For the most viewed pages and other stats, click on the 'Stats' link on the left hand side menu bar.
Question: Can other users see my personal details?
Answer  Other users can see your user name, score, last login and any personal Wiki page you may choose to create. However, your email will not be available, these are scrambled to prevent spamming. The publisher will not use information about you for any purpose other than for providing PrometheusWiki to you.