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Question: How do I submit a new protocol?

Registered users can submit protocols by selecting the link on the homepage to 'Submit your protocol'. This will take you to the protocol submission template(external link), which includes textboxes to input your Protocol title and Initiating author name, and an Overview, Background information, Materials/Equipment, any Units, terms or definitions (for the glossary ), step by step Procedure and any additional information. Once you select 'Proceed to editing your protocol' you will see your protocol formatted using Wiki syntax, which you can format further and add images or attachments, using the formatting toolbar or Wiki syntax.
Alternatively, if you are confident with using Wiki syntax and editing techniques, an option towards the base of the page allows you to skip the template form and proceed to editing your protocol in the wiki itself.
See also: Help Tutorial

Question: How can I contact the author of a protocol?
Answer  The authors’ name will be listed within the protocol as the 'Initiating author' or listed as a contributor to the page at the base of the page if they themselves have edited that protocol. By clicking the name of interest, you will be directed to that authors’ 'User Information' page. From here, you can send them a message to their PrometheusWiki mailbox, however you will not be automatically entitled to see their email address.
Question: How can I trust the content on PrometheusWiki? Are protocols and summaries peer reviewed?

The content of any given (live) protocol may recently have been changed, vandalized or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields. This is where the role of Gold Leaf standard protocols is fundamental, offering locked, well tested, standard approaches that have achieved community approval and received careful editing.

PrometheusWiki's radical openness does means that any given protocol may be, at any given moment, in a bad state, such as in the middle of a large edit, or a controversial rewrite. Users need to be aware of this to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation that has been recently added and not yet removed. The names of all contributing authors (and time and date of edit) are included at the base of each protocol or summary, and although articles are not technically peer reviewed, editors will monitor changes and new pages from time to time. The very nature of PrometheusWiki as an open access resource ensures inaccuracies should be rapidly detected and corrected by users.

However we cannot guarantee accuracy or efficacy of any protocol at any stage, so you must use your own judgement.

Question: Are there any rules or guidelines for users of PrometheusWiki?

Contributors to PrometheusWiki should:

  • Identify themselves by their real name
  • Be considerate and respectful
  • Be constructive (ie don't be evil)
  • Be accurate, citing reasons and references where possible
  • Highlight areas of the site which need attention
  • Respect the contributions of others - focus on the content not the contributor
  • Only post content that you have the rights to provide and to allow others to use in accordance with the terms of this site.

Contributors to PrometheusWiki should not:

  • Defame
  • Post statements that contain false or misleading statements
  • Infringe rights of others, including copyright confidentiality and other intellectual property rights.


Question: Once I have submitted, edited and saved a new protocol, when will it appear live on PrometheusWiki?
Answer  After pressing ‘save’ your protocol will be sent to the editor responsible for the topic area you designated your protocol to fit into. They will endeavor to confirm receipt of your protocol within a few days, before editing it to meet template guidelines and reviewing it for appropriateness, safety, clarity of expression and duplication. Protocols assessed as worthy will then be posted live on the Prometheuswiki, and the Editor will email you to inform you your protocol is live. We’ll make every effort to make this happen quickly, but in some cases it may take a couple of weeks, please be patient during this time.
Question: Being an open access resource, what can I do if I think someone has made inappropriate changes or comments to a protocol I initiated?
Answer  Where the changes are damaging or incorrect then you should return to the protocol and edit the page once more. We encourage you to report your concerns to the PrometheusWiki Editorial Board. Since all changes and past versions of wiki pages are retained within the wiki, it is easy to return to a previous, correct version of your protocol.
Question: A protocol already exists on a topic which I have a different protocol for, what should I do?
Answer  You may choose to edit the existing protocol (don’t be afraid, all past versions of a page are retained within the wiki) to include your methods. Alternately you might choose to create a new protocol but refer to or use a 'wikilink' to link your protocol to the existing method. If the differences between the two approaches are small, then the ‘comment’ feature at the base of the protocol can be used to generate constructive debate over the posted approach.
Question: What are the “?” links?
Answer  A blue ? appears at the end of a word or phase that has been created as a wikilink but the linked page is yet to be created. If you would like to create the associated page, simply click the ? and edit away.
Question: How do I easily find out about recent changes and updates to PrometheusWiki?

On the 'Stats' page, (accessible through the link in the left hand menu bar) a button towards the top of the page links to the 'Most viewed objects in the last 7 days'.

You can also select 'My Account' in the menu bar, and then 'MY WATCHES' to change your preferences in order to monitor wiki pages or other objects. Watch new items by clicking the Eye button on specific pages.

Question: Is it ok to link to other sites?
Answer  Yes, as long as you fully acknowledge the linked website and ensure that users can tell they will be taken to an external site. Within the editing/formatting toolbar there is an icon of a globe and a chain link, for creating external links. Links to other sites must be relevant to your protocol.
Question: Can I create a personal profile?

Yes - through 'My Account' in the left hand menu bar, you can change your details and preferences, and even create a personal Wiki page.
For further details, follow the instructions in the Help tutorial.

Question: How can I see how many page hits my protocol has had?
Answer  When you search for your protocol, an icon called 'Hits' next to the protocol title lists how many visits the page has had. There is also the rankings function in the Wiki Menu. For the most viewed pages and other stats, click on the 'Stats' link on the left hand side menu bar.