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Question: How is PrometheusWiki organized?

Upper level area summaries

Each topic area includes an overview of the field, written by the Editor responsible for that area,

➢Lower level topic summaries

Within each topic area, related research areas are introduced with a more specific review and the range of experimental methods available written by respected authorities in the given field,

➢➢Detailed protocols

Experimental protocols can be posted by members, including materials, step by step methods and images

➢➢➢Comments and notes

Members are invited to comment on and discuss posted protocols.


Question: How can I navigate my way around the site?
  • Explore the different Topic areas by clicking on the headings listed towards the right hand side of the homepage and following the links,
  • Blue, wikilinked words connect pages within the wiki,
  • A Search feature is available in the left hand menu bar if you are looking for key words or contributors,
  • All pages have been 'categorized'/filed away and you can browse this filing system by clicking on the locational links/breadcrumbs listed across the top of any given page.

For further help, see the Help Tutorial on Browsing PrometheusWiki: How to navigate the site