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Normal Seeking recommendations on osmometers 1 31962
Fri 18 of July, 2014 23:37 EST
Re: Seeking recommendations on osmometers by Herrera, A.35 points 
Normal Water transport mechanism 1 88228
Fri 29 of June, 2012 18:39 EST
Re: Water transport mechanism by Adrienne Nicotra2721 points 
Normal Minimum Duration of Sap Flow Measurements 2 98843
Tue 24 of Apr., 2012 06:33 EST
Re: Minimum Duration of Sap Flow Measurements by Tregubov V. A.282 points 
Normal Leaf lamina hydraulic conductance (Klamina) and leaf hydraulic conductance (Kleaf) 0 105439
Wed 07 of Dec., 2011 20:11 EST
Normal Relative water content measurement 1 107345
Sat 14 of Aug., 2010 16:55 EST
Re: Relative water content measurement by Rana Munns853 points